Sega Mania Podcast

Ep. 6: Above Columns, Below Golden Axe

April 5, 2022

We're back once again for more Sega Mania Podcast madness! Apologies this is coming out a bit late, but our big mean overlord told us we had to finish off some poxy magazine so we crunched on that and Alex didn't have time to edit this absolute mammoth episode until now. 

We carry on the new tradition of covering a game we missed in the magazine with Robocop vs The Terminator, and it's an absolute banger. No more Alex the Kidd anger here, folks!

Part 2 is the continuation of ranking every Mega Drive game featured in the mag thus far, and on the docket this time are the remaining titles from Issue 2. Shadow of the Beast, Streets of Rage, OutRun, Turrican, Road Rash, Alien Storm, and ToeJam & Earl get ranked good and proper - and we actually all played the games beforehand so no more abstaining! 

Part 3 is more of your wonderful listener questions, where we talk about our biggest gaming shames, Sega games with the best potential for a movie tie-in, and someone made Rob tell another ghost story. It's as awesome as usual. Get your questions in to to join in. 

Thanks for listening, make sure you get your copy of Issue 5 over at now it's gone to press, and pay attention for a promo code for 15% off Issues 1-4. Love you, bye! 

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